Power of Peroxsil

Peroxsil® versus Hydrogen-Peroxide   

Hydrogen Peroxide is known to be an antagonist against several metals. It readily reacts with copper, silver, zinc, iron etc...
Using zinc coated nuts, the following video demonstrates how Peroxsil is up to 20x more powerful than standard Hydrogen Peroxide.

Left-hand-side is 50% hydrogen Peroxide                              Right-hand-side is 50% Peroxsil®.

  • Peroxsil® reacts far quicker and more intensly.
  • This action is sustained for a longer period.

  • In Conclusion
    Peroxsil has a superior ability to destroy biofilm and pathogens than standard Hydrogen Peroxide.

    Practical Example

    A farmer was dosing his water with Hydrogen Peroxide, however it did not elliminate biofilm or algae buildup on his hydroponics tunnels.

    He performed a test whereby he introduced Peroxsil® (Shown on the LHS) and on the RHS, is the Hydrogen Peroxide treated cooling vents.
    The contrast is quite significant. The Peroxsil treated water, has removed all biofilm and algae buildup.

    Peroxsil Treated Tunnel