Water Storage

Water Storage Tanks and Caravanning

The use of Peroxsil® in the context of water treatment for tanks on caravans, yachts, houseboats, mobile homes, and recreational vehicles (RVs) offers several benefits over traditional chlorine-based treatments, primarily due to its chemical properties and effectiveness in critical areas of water management.

How Peroxsil® Works

Peroxsil® is typically a stabilised form of hydrogen peroxide, often combined with silver ions, which acts as a powerful biocide and antimicrobial agent. The hydrogen peroxide component works by producing highly reactive oxygen species that oxidise cellular components of microorganisms, effectively killing bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores. The addition of silver acts synergistically to boost the antimicrobial effects, as silver ions are known to disrupt microbial DNA and bind to bacterial cell walls, enhancing the kill rate and preventing microbial resistance.

Key Advantages of Peroxsil®

1. Biofilm Prevention and Removal:
Biofilms, which are clusters of microorganisms that form protective layers which make them harder to eliminate, are effectively controlled by Peroxsil®. Peroxsil’s ability to penetrate and disrupt these layers is crucial in maintaining clean water systems, as biofilms are often resistant to standard disinfectants.

2. Legionella Control:
Legionella pneumophila, the bacteria responsible for Legionnaires' disease, thrives in water systems. Peroxsil® has been shown to effectively control and reduce the risk of Legionella by killing the bacteria and disrupting the biofilm that harbours and protects it.

3. Non-corrosive Properties:
Compared to chlorine, which can corrode metal components and degrade plastics and rubber, Peroxsil® is significantly less corrosive at recommended dosages. This safety feature makes it an ideal choice for various types of water tanks and plumbing systems typically found in mobile living environments, providing you with peace of mind about the integrity of your water system.

4. Stability Across Conditions:
Peroxsil® remains effective across a broad range of temperatures and pH levels. This stability ensures that it can perform effectively regardless of environmental conditions, which is particularly beneficial in mobile applications where water temperature and quality can vary significantly.

5. Sensory Neutrality:
Peroxsil® is odourless, colourless, and tasteless. Peroxsil® does not alter water's sensory properties, making it more acceptable for users who might be sensitive to the taste and smell of chlorine-treated water.

6. Environmental Impact:
Peroxsil® breaks down into water and oxygen, resulting in minimal environmental impact compared to other disinfectants that can leave harmful residues or by-products.

The Benefits of Using Peroxsil®

  • 99.999% proven bacterial kill rate
  • Chlorine-free and rapid sterilisation
  • Disinfects water of all microorganisms
  • pH neutral with no harmful by-products
  • Long lasting disinfection
  • No toxic residues
  • Non-carcinogenic and biodegradable
  • Non-corrosive and easy to apply
  • Efficient fungicide, virucide, nematicide bactericide and sporicidal
  • Improved user experience, especially for those with asthma or sensitive skin
  • Cost-effective and simple to dose
  • Multi-application, one product with multiple uses

  • Practical Application in Mobile Settings

    For practical application, ensuring the correct concentration and contact time is critical for the effectiveness of Peroxsil®. Users should follow the guidelines for specific dosing instructions to achieve optimal results. Routine monitoring of water quality, including microbial tests, can help determine the efficacy of the treatment system and identify any need for dosage adjustments.
    Integrating Peroxsil® into regular maintenance routines, such as tank cleaning and system checks, will enhance water safety and hygiene. Given its ease of application and broad-spectrum efficacy, Peroxsil® is a valuable and versatile option for ensuring safe and clean water storage in these environments.

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