Is silver safe?

Is silver safe and non-toxic?

The quick answer is YES!

Anything at a higher enough concentration can be considered toxic. Ingest too many antibiotics, or alcohol or even fruit juice and you could do yourself harm. But in the right amounts they can prove to be highly beneficial. Silver is one of those elements.

The antiseptic characteristics of silver were known back in ancient times. The Phoenicians, for example, used to maintain the freshness of water during their long voyages at sea by keeping their water in containers made of silver. In medieval Europe, at the wealthiest courts, silver cutlery and dishes were used.

Colloidal silver sold in health food stores and pharmacies worldwide over the past 100 years with proven health benefits. At concentrations of just 15 ppm completely destroys Staphylococcus  in 4 min, Salmonella in 7 min, Pseudomonas in 10 min, and Candida in 2 min.

The FDA has approved the usage of silver in bottled water up to a concentration of 17 ppb as a disinfectant.
(2015- Title 21, Volume 3, 21CFR172.167)

Peroxsil Ag+ silver content for continuous water disinfection (at a peroxide concentration of 30 ppm), is below the FDA approval requirement and therefore is absolutely safe to use.